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THE FOUR SEASONS RESTAURANT OPENED... a one-of-a-kind architectural space, at the heart of midtown Manhattan in 1959, forever changing America’s cuisine and dining experience. It is a restaurant New York is proud of. It will always have an attitude and panache all its own—cultivated by a community of interesting, well-heeled New Yorkers who feel at home, inside the walls of such an honest and understated restaurant.

IT HAPPENED OVER LUNCH is a documentary being produced by Jack of Hearts Productions and CreativeChaos vmg. The film traces the first 57-years in the life of the world-class Four Seasons Restaurant and concludes with its dramatic exodus from the Seagram Building and the vision of the Four Seasons’ future, only three blocks to the south, at 280 Park Avenue. For some, it will be a walk down memory lane; for many others, it will be an introduction to a venerable New York institution.

Generations of business leaders, dignitaries, celebrities, artists, politicians, lauded chefs and long-time employees, together with formidable hosts and owners ensured that the Four Seasons Restaurant will always be an idea BIGGER than the sum of its parts... this documentary will be a record of this history and the story of these people and this idea.     

Continuing its legacy as a soft retreat and commissary for the cultured, The Four Seasons Restaurant will soon feed a new generation that appreciates the confidence of a rehearsed, thoughtful restaurant, four blocks to the south, in another one-of-a-kind architectural space at 280 Park Avenue. In their new home, they will do what no other place in New York does quite so well. The silverware will be silver, the light will be golden, the linen will be linen and the guests will always be family.

The reimagining and relaunching of America's most iconic restaurant is the subject of a docu-series called A TABLE ON PARK AVENUE, also being produced by Jack of Hearts Productions and CreativeChaos vmg.


See footage that we filmed over the summer of 2016 for IT HAPPENED OVER LUNCH. Moments featuring Alex and Julian, well-known chefs, fabulous guests, Charlie Rose and even Nick Drakidas, the seasoned Four Seasons’ bartender, singing his heart out...

Watch through to the end to see who, or what, is taking a dip in the pool! 

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